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Our Decoy's

At Herban Hunter we have developed duck decoys to give your spread realism with spinning wing motion decoys that create the illusion of ducks landing. Motion is the key to attracting waterfowl to land. When ducks are looking down at a motionless spread of duck decoys this does not look natural.

Herban Hunter Hypnotizer Motion Duck Decoy Our Hypnotizer spinning wing duck hunting decoy is the lightest (only 1 Ĺ lbs.), easiest to transport, most durable, hassle free on the market. Drop it, throw it, drop it in the water you canít hurt it, guaranteed to last and we back it with a Life Time Warranty. You can put 4 or 5 Hypnotizerís into a small backpack to carry out into the marsh without weighing you down. Our Hypnotizer motorized wings spin faster than most other spinners which creates a flash that ducks canít resist. The spinning wings are what attract the ducks not the body of the decoy.

Our Pull String spinning wing motion decoy has no batteries, no motors and is 100% manual operation making it legal in some states that have banned motorized decoys.

Our spinning wing motion decoys easily fit into a suitcase with your clothes for plane travel. You donít have to check in an extra bag.